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We are proud to present the "Vastberaden". This is one of the three terms used in the Amsterdam coat of arms and refers to the roots of our company. It means “Determined”. 


The Vastberaden is a riveted aluminum sloop from the 1950s, which we purchased as a hull in 2017. We fully restored it ourselves and included an electric motor.

This beautiful sloop is fully equipped. At the back of the vessel we have built a fully stocked cocktail bar and the boat is full of comfortable pillows, which are even heated in the winter. In case the weather is less good than hoped for, we can completely close the boat with a roof and windows.

  • 100% electric

  • Including skipper and host(ess)

  • Delicious food and drinks on board

  • Getting on and off anywhere in the city

  • Comfortable heated pillows 

  • Maximum 25 people

  • € 235 per hour (minimum of 2 hours)

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